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Motor Switch, IVK, 2 pole

Motor switch for IVK single phase, 2 pole

3-Pole Toggle Switch

3-Pole Toggle Switch. Used for cutting power to the motors in houses and huts.

IVM/IVK, 25 Amp Contactor, 120 Volt Coil

C3 Controls, 25 Amp, Non-Reversing, 3-Pole Contactor with 120 Volt Coil is used for the Bin Floor, Rake, and Incline Auger Motors. The Leveler Motor will operate with the 120 Volt contactor when the LR Relay (230 Volt Leveler Relay) is used. Your house may be wired without the Leveler Relay in which case your Leveler Motor is wired through the 230 Volt Contactor (H00617).

Fuse - 15A

15 Amp fuse. Old part #711320A

Fuse - 2A

2 Amp fuse for use in control panel. Old part #LF235002

IVM, Overload 1.8 - 2.8A

1.8 to 2.8 Amp Overload is used to operate the Rake, Bin Floor, and Single Bagger Blower Motors. The Overload mounts to the bottom of the 120 Volt Contactor. For the IVM Only.

IVM, Overload 2.8 - 4.0A

2.8 to 4.0 Amp Overload is used to operate the Incline Motor or Double-Bagger Blower Motor. The Overload mounts to the bottom of the 120 Volt Contactor. For IVM Only.

IVK, Overload, 6.3A

6.3 Amp Overload used to operate the the Rake, Incline , and Bin Floor Motors in the Kiosk.

PLC - Programmed

**Please call IHA for more information.** Programmable Logic Controller with program (device that controls the functions of the ice vending machine) *This PLC is specifically configured to work with our system. Old part #711005

Bag Detect / Dump Box Proximity Switch Cable

Cable for bag detection proximity switch and dump box proximity switch. Old part #E18017

Yellow Proximity Cable, 90 Degree Connector

For KI0207 Avalance Sensor, OG0030 Bagger Ice Leveler Sensor - Transmitter, OG0039 Bagger Ice Leveler Sensor - Receiver, and Auger Transition Box Old part# E10209 and H00187

Bag Detect / Dump Box / Bin Floor Proximity Switch - IF5898

Proximity switch w/ orange tip used to detect movement of the bags, dump box, and bin floor. Old part #700038

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