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Ice Maker Parts > Copeland Condensing Unit
Contactor - 60 Amp 3 Pole

60 Amp, 3 Pole contactor for compressor on ice maker. Old part #2252350

Electrical Disconnect 100 Amp

Electrical Disconnect 100 Amp for the model 1000LSM ice maker

Dual Pressure Switch

Low and High Pressure Control Switch for Icemaker. SPST Opens Below Low & Above High Setpoints. For R1222500 & 502. Old part #125108

Fan Blade - Condenser (Copeland 5200 Ice Maker)

Fan blade for condenser on Copeland 5200 ice maker. Old part #105490. For use on motor H05098 (105482).

Fan Blade - Condenser (Copeland 1000 Ice Maker)

Fan blade for condenser on Copeland 1000 ice maker. For use on motor X00051

Fan Cycle Switch P70AA-118

Fan Cycle Switch P70AA-118, controls the condenser fans on the Arctic Temp ice makers

Fan Motor - Condensor (Copeland 5200 Ice Maker)

Drive motor for fan on 5200 ice maker with Copeland condenser.

Fan Motor - Condensor (Copeland 1000 Ice Maker)

Drive motor for fan on 1000 ice maker with Copeland condenser.

Filter Dryer for 1000 Ice Maker

Filter dryer (7/8") for Copeland Model 1000 ice maker condenser.

Sentronic Oil Safety Switch

The Sentronic+ electronic oil pressure safety control uses a pressure sensor and an electronic module to precisely measure oil pump differential pressure. Common sources of leaks (bellows, capillary tubes, and pressure connections) are eliminated when using the Sentronic+. Old part #105461