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Dump Box - Bag

Dump box for bagging process. Old part #562012

Dump Box - Bulk

Dump box for bulk dispensing process.

Lower Bulk Chute Assembly

Lower Bulk Chute Assembly The complete Bulk Chute assembly has upper and lower components. THe Upper Bulk Chute component is the portion of the assmebly that located in the inside of the house. The Lower Bulk Chute is the component that is seen on the outside of the house. The bulk chute trim and decal sold separately.

Tilt Chute Assembly for House (IVM)

The Tilt Chute Assembly is for the Bagger Assembly in a House (IVM).

Bag Chute Flap for House (IVM)

The Bag Chute Flap is used in the Lower Bag Chute Assembly to prevent vandalism and keep out unwanted creatures. For House (IVM) use only.

Bag Cover

12" x 12" Lexan Bag cover keeps bags from getting wet and sticking together. Old part #BAG-COVER

Blower 8-5/16" 2C820

Blower assembly 8-5/16" 2C820. Motor sold separately.

Lower Bulk Chute Closer for House (IVM).

Lower Bulk Chute Closer for House (IVM).

Bolt On Bag Holder Prongs for House (IVM).

Bolt On Bag Holder Prongs for House (IVM).

16lb - 10lb Conversion Kit

Kit for converting your 16lb bagger to a 10lb bagger. Includes complete assembly with mounting hardware. Old part #16LB-10LB-CONVERSION

Double Bagger Retro-fit Kit

Double Bagger Retro-fit kit replaces the bulk option with a secondary 10lb bag option.

Air Cylinder Pivot Bracket

Pivot Bracket that holds air cylinders to bagger on bag drop floor and bag/bulk diversion.

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